A fresh approach, so you really can work smarter, not harder!

We help Start-ups, Small Businesses and Non-Profits harness the power of Content Production and Marketing Automation, giving you the freedom to focus on delighting your customers and doing your best work...


What we do

Without a Marketing System to tie all your marketing elements together easily and consistently, it all just feels like busy-work...

Successful marketing is not about any one tactic or platform, or who wrote your strategy - it's how you implement and deliver it consistently to attract paying customers. Carefully choosing the right ingredients (Core Messaging, Content, Offers, FacebookLinkedIn, EmailWebsite etc), and adding them in the correct order and quantities to a 'mixer', much like how you would follow a recipe to achieve a specific result When you get marketing mix just right, that's when the right customers arrive ready to buy. They turn into raving fans and tell anyone who will listen about how amazing you are.

Your Essential Ingredients

for Predictable and Profitable Growth 

The Marketing Strategy

(Your Recipe)

Just like your mama's secret recipe, your business needs it's own secret 'recipe' with just the right combination of ingredients, in the right quantities, mixed to perfection, to build a predictable and profitable business that grows from strength to strength. 

The Marketing System

(Your Mixer)

Think of your marketing system like a juicer. You can squeeze the fruit by hand, but you're unlikely to get as much juice out as when you use a Juicer. You want to be able to switch your marketing on, pick your speed and let the system do the hard work for you.

The Content

(Core Ingredients)

Dependant on the ingredients, one chocolate cake will taste completely different to another. Your unique combination of Core Messaging, Stories, Offers and Transformational content, will build a community of your ideal customers who are ready to buy. 

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Check what's on our menu

We help you 'switch-on' your marketing engine, pick your speed and achieve much better results with a lot less effort. 

Strategy Development

Your secret recipe, that ensures you are reaching the right people, and turning them into customers.

Effective Messaging Frameworks

Discover the secret to your most effective messaging, and sprinkling it in all parts of your content.

Hands-off Content Production

A recipe to easily multiply 1 piece of content into 50 pieces. And then amplify to achieve omnipresence.

Hands-off Podcast Production

Set-up and/or monthly production, ensuring your voice is heard in all the right places.

The Hands-off Marketing System

Systems and processes are the key to hands-off marketing that delivers consistent, predictable results.

Web Development

Your website is your first ingredient, but you need to add the automations to make sure it earns its keep.

Curious about what makes us different and if we can help you?

Book a free strategy call, and we'll bring the cupcakes! 


The lovely things they say


The Apex Path, USA

The way you see systems is at genius level! How you are able to understand a problem, see how to solve it with a system, and then build it is phenomenal.


Carer Support South Lakes

Catching up on all the info today and seeing the launch emails in all their new livery, and the blog email is so exciting; they all look brilliant and everything has come to life! Find it hard to believe that all of this has been completed by such a small group of people (please take that in the spirit its intended; have seen much less be produced by a much larger group of people)! 


Neil Jurd Training & Consulting Ltd

I have worked with James and Lee-Anne for the past 18 months in an ongoing project. To jump to the conclusion, they are superb. The web-design and hosting are excellent, and as a customer I have found that they are able to simplify concepts and help me to spot and take opportunities.

Heather holloway

Holloway Media Services, USA

Building funnels is a challenge for me. There’s just so much to do and I’m barely keeping up with the demands of my own agency. When I hired Hands-off Marketing I was relieved because I could quickly and easily start marketing without having to learn or spend any time on it myself. With their done-for-you services, all I had to do was tell them what my challenges were and they took care of everything else - from copywriting, to building the funnel, to optimizing the workflows, to designing the email campaigns - anything I needed James and Lee-Anne (who are super friendly by the way) were there to support me! Hiring Lee-Anne & James was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m growing faster than ever before thanks to their expertise!